2018/06/05 CBN Announces CableLabs® DOCSIS®3.1 Certification and General Availability of CH8568E 11ac Voice Gat

For those customers requiring flexibility and high-performance on a LAN network environment, CBN announces the general availability of our next generation home gateway.


As the number of web enabled devices continues to grow, residential users of Broadband are demanding increased bandwidths to support services ranging from basic Internet to rich multimedia experiences. High-speed data transmission is already available through fiber optic cables on Metro Area Networks (MANs), the GW7557CE allows these services to be delivered to the end residential user .

Key Features of the CBN GW7557CE:

• Significant processing power to handle multiple voice and data streams while maintaining separate and independent Quality of Service (QOS), security and other parameters.
• Flexible architecture and adaptable configuration options to tailor the GW7557CE to the particular needs of each residence, each service provider, and the unique requirements of regions and countries throughout the world.
• Open platform architecture for supporting any of the various wide-area-networking (WAN) technologies and many local area network (LAN) technologies, ultimately enabling maximum system reuse on a market-by-market basis.
• Software framework that ensures cost-effective code re-use across various platforms.
• Embedded management capabilities for ensuring QoS over internet protocol (IP) networks.

Users can now benefit from smooth media streaming, high-performance gaming, enhanced WiFi coverage and high quality of service, all with reduced interference. With this and the other innovative products in our portfolio, service providers and their customers will continue to benefit from the CBN commitment to performance.

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