2017/05/21 Com Hem’s new router delivers four times faster WiFi than competition

According to an independent study conducted by Excentis, a leading provider of testing services for access network technology, the Compal CH7486E router is four times faster than the competition, with better performance at longer distances.
“We already deliver the best fixed broadband speeds due to our state of the art network. Broadband customers tell us that WiFi performance is critical to them – they want superfast WiFi. Our new router delivers,” said Asanga Gunatillaka, Chief Product Officer at Com Hem.
The new Compal CH7486E is powered by the latest technology, including Beamforming and dual band* delivering the best experience for faster downloads, clearer Voice over Internet (VoIP) calls and video streaming.
Beamforming is a smart, signal-focusing technology that improves WiFi connections by pinpointing WiFi signals directly at the device
Dual band enables concurrent access to both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz wireless channels

Excentis benchmarking showed that the Compal modem was best in test when compared at various distances against the best routers currently offered by Telia and Bredbandsbolaget. Testing showed that the router delivered 4x faster Wifi throughput speeds and up to 3x better performance at longer distances than the competition.

Com hem - The Router
Com hem - LOTC (Lord of The Cable) - Heroes awarded

“We are really proud of our new Compal router. Independent testing has proved that it is four times faster than the best routers from our competitors thanks to its latest technology, as well as offering strong performance when devices are further away from the router”, Gunatillaka concludes.
The router will be included for all new Com Hem customers on coax who subscribe to the 250 or 500 Mbps tiers from 28 January, 2015. It will a will also be available for existing customers to purchase at from SEK 99 to 799 plus VAT, depending on binding.

Notes to Editors:
In independent testing carried out by Excentis, Com Hem’s Compal router achieved the following results against the best routers from Telia and Bredbandsbolaget:
The Compal router was 4x faster than the competition for Wifi throughput performance
The Compal router provided the best Wifi throughput performance of all routers
The Compal router was 3x faster at longer distances (measured at distances up to 16m)
The Compal router showed the best results on both the near, medium and long distances

Benchmarking was conducted by Excentis at their test site, on behalf of Com Hem, over various distances up to 16m, using several different handheld and computer devices.
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